Life is too short to be fiddling about with tide table booklets, adding 23 minutes for your local port and then wondering if you need to add or subtract another hour for daylight savings.

Life is also too short to be messing around with those horrible tide table websites. They're badly designed and full of flashing banner ads trying to sell you irrelevant stuff while you're just trying to figure out the tide times for next weekend.

And life is definitely too short to get your tide times wrong. No one wants to arrive after all the best water has gone home. Or even worse, to end up stuck on a lonely sandbank far from shore…

That's why we created Devon tides.

We wanted a simple, clean website that did all the hard work for us and definitely didn't bombard us with dozens of ads. And then we thought “Hey, we can't be the only people wanting something like this…”

So, what do you think? Does this website work for you? How could we make it even better? Is there another part of the country that we should add? If you have questions or ideas, then please send us an email.

And if you enjoy using Devon tides, don't forget to share the love with your friends! ❤️